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no one is logged in to COW which stands for Creative Object World
-or- COW on the web -or- Create your own world -or- Clanger Outer-space World -or- Can oworms etc..

COW is your little space on the web where you can create your own world, interact with things and other players of cow (chat with objects!).

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Helpful information
You are an object, just like everything else in COW.
Objects can be players, props, locations, doorways, commands and attributes.
Interact with objects by typing commands like look, go, get, drop and create OR click on a command on the screen!
Click on things to examine them or go through them if they are a doorway.
You can say stuff to other player in the same location shout if they are far away.
If anything does not work the way you think it should, send me some feedback.
Try commands for a list of what you can do, read books and shout to anyone who is currently playing.
This is COW version 6.19
COW is a single perl script (cow.pl) weighing 106k which generates every html page, processes all object manipulations, handles the messaging. It uses one table of objects and two message handling tables stored in a MySQL database.

The object count is currently: 22028 total objects (approx 2151k) including 0 commands, 10505 players, 3101 doorways and 1630 reacting objects.
It is approx 18:19 on Sun where this was made.

Some JavaScript is used to refresh pages, transfer text in frames mode and auto-select fields however this is not essential so COW will run in any browser.
Supporting files are DBI perl module for MySQL, 2 css files, a list of colours and some graphics for fade backgrounds and radar lines.

All design, coding and concepts © 1992-2005 Wallace McGee.
Thanks to josh, xiii, jemilly and brett for some thoughtful building.

backup data. check and repair tables. cow command server.