COW v6.19 on - it is 20:18 on Wed
the small box humms faintly
sparks fly from the small box towards hn4dd
hn4dd says 'OUCH!' and flys backwards!
hn4dd continues out through the training shed
nfdruxo (you) says 'search for: 69489'
You are in an open field.   Looking around you can see:
(hover over these objects to see what will happen when you click on them)
a training shed, a new bridge leading east , a paved street to the south , a cobbled road to the north , a dusty path to the west , a beetle, a Daily COW, a list of features, a list of more features, a note for wolis hidden here, bwrgk a guest, c0jxl a guest and c5clr a guest.

As well as cuoir a guest, drnhg a guest, fvmxh a guest, fwmhi7 a guest, fxxovx a guest, gvuft a guest, i5tio a guest, i84ne a guest, josli a guest, k9rq7 a guest, lbdid a guest, lqthl a guest, nfblznk a guest and nfdruxo a guest (you).

You also see nfecnyc a guest, nfiwgyb a guest, nfmayti a guest, njd9v a guest, piscs a guest, scflo a guest, tyzvg a guest, vtiff a guest, x49od a guest, y48bw a guest, yhfow a guest, ypqgm a guest and a small box

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