COW v6.19 on - it is 15:28 on Fri
mubin starts to edit the pretty little ring
mubin says 'I have finished with the pretty little ring for now'
the duck smile at at you
There is no valid doorway here
You are on a new bridge.   Looking around you can see:
(hover over these objects to see what will happen when you click on them)
an old road to the north , an island just a few steps away, a night sky over head, an exit from here leading west , a baby bird, 3 ducks, a duck, a duck, the duck and a duck.

You can also see a fisherman leaning over the edge of the bridge looking for fish, many jellyfishes hidden here, a jellyfish hidden here, a large elephant hidden here, squidillians large fishes hidden here, an old boot hidden here, many old boots hidden here, bdgre a guest, c7g4a, cgo49 a guest and cto3k a guest.

Along with fdruxo a guest (you), fmayti a guest, hn4dd a guest, k9rq7 a guest, l31bv a guest, l8osq a guest, mlf90 a guest, mubin a guest, rb2ls a guest and squidillians small fishes hidden here

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